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How do I book a service?

We take bookings by phone, email or via our Facebook page so it’s up to you.  It is great if you can give us a call though, as then we can talk through your requirements and clarify any queries you might have.

Can you collect in the evenings or weekends?

Yes!  This is one of the things our customers appreciate the most.  We will come to you after work or at the weekend so no need to worry about being at home during office hours.  We also arrange collection times to within 30 minute slots so you are not waiting around for us.

I don’t live in Horsham, can you still help?

Yes we service bikes in Crawley, Haywards Heath, Billingshurst, Ashington, Partridge Green, Cowfold, Rusper, Warnham, Slinfold, Mannings Heath and many more villages local to Horsham.  For some locations which take a long time to get to, we charge a small extra fee to cover costs.  This is always agreed in advance though.  If your village is not listed, do give us a call anyway as we can usually accommodate.

How long do you usually have my bike for while it’s being serviced?

Between 1 and 2 days usually.  For simpler services we keep common parts in stock and often turn bikes around in 24 hours.  For very specialist parts which we have to order, your bike may need to stay with us for an extra couple of days whilst our distributors send the parts.  When we have to send items away for refurbishment such as complex suspension forks, it may be up to a week.  In emergencies we can sometimes turn bikes around in less than a day.

Will you be working on my driveway or outside my house?

No. We collect and return your bikes and all servicing work is completed in our workshop.  This takes out the risk of weather, your location or time constraints affecting the careful work being done on your bike.  It also means that you are free to get on with your day while your bikes are being taken care of.

What parts do you fit?

The parts you require provided they are the correct ones for your bike.  We take great care to ensure that each part fitted is exactly compatible with the other parts on your bike.  This ensures that you get the best performance from your bike at all times.

Will you service lots of my bikes at the same time?

We collect up to three at a time.  If you need more than three serviced then we collect and return in batches.

Will you come and fix a puncture for me?

Yes of course we will, but we will charge a reasonable call out fee dependent upon your location.  We teach lots of customers how to repair punctures themselves because we strongly believe that a cyclist who is confident to repair a puncture themself will be more confident to go further and have more adventures and more fun on their bike.

How do I pay for my service?

Card machine on delivery, bank transfer, cheque or cash.  For new customers, we do ask that payment for work done is made at the time that we return your bikes or before if using the bank transfer method.

What sorts of cycling do Helen and I do when we’re not working?

Lots of different types! WE JUST LOVE CYCLING and between the two of us, we ride and race mountain, road, time trial and cross bikes and we love to mix our riding from week to week.  Last year alone we cycled about 7,000 miles including excursions as far as France and Spain.  In previous years we’ve travelled as far as New Zealand and Australia.

Is there a Pedal Out! Facebook page?

Yes of course!… It’s here and we try to upload lots of inspiring pictures, offers and useful tips so please like and follow us.


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